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Hotel Residence Villiers

Paris, a charming city

Hôtel Résidence Villiers: the perfect starting point

Hotel Résidence Villiers, due to being situated very centrally and being next to the Walgram Metro station, is an ideal place to organise your trip around the French capital. If you have little time to admire the city on the banks of the River Seine, we recommend that you use the metro to move about quickly and gaze out at the must-see places. But if you have time to peacefully enjoy the views, do not forget to go for a walk with your eyes wide open on the large Avenues of Paris, the Bohemian Area, the more chic and modern parts and its fabulous gardens.

What to see?

Jardins du Trocadéro

Trocadéro Gardens, located in the 16th district of Paris, was created for the Universal Exhibition of 1937, in the old gardens of the Trocadéro Palace. There you can find the famous Warsaw Fountain.

Hotel Residence Villiers
Hotel Residence Villiers

Place de la Bastille

Place de la Bastille, where the Bastille prison attack of the 14th of July 1789 is commemorated. The beginning of the French Revolution took place here and the first guillotine was placed in this square.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, Gothic in style with large windows, it became particularly famous due to the legend of Victor-Marie Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.”

Hotel Residence Villiers
Hotel Residence Villiers


Montmartre, the old Bohemian Area, still maintains a certain charm thanks to the artists that paint on its streets and small squares. The cinema star Amélie Poulain used to live and work in Montmartre, which can be found at the foot of the impressive Sacré Coeur Basilica. Near Montmartre you can visit the area that surrounds the famous Moulin Rouge.

Le Marais

Le Marais, the chic part of Paris which historically had a large Jewish community. Recently the gay population has experienced a large increase in this area.

Hotel Residence Villiers
Hotel Residence Villiers

Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter is a lively area of Paris full of colour and a wide variety of entertainment and cuisine.

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum, which houses the famous Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, is the most popular however not the only museum; other interesting museums are the Orsay Museum, the National Museum of Natural French History or thePompidou Centre.

Hotel Residence Villiers
Hotel Residence Villiers

Exceptional gardens

Tuileries Garden, the Luxembourg Garden, Monceau Park, the Jardín des Plantes… There are many other tourist attractions like the old Les Invalides Hospital, the amazing train stations (Lyon, St Lazare) or the Garnier Opera House.